At CHIC we offer many extension services to meet your every need.

 Here are a few things you need to know about our extensions to make sure you feel confident and beautiful in your new hair..

Our hair is supplied from Infinitude which is an ultra premium hair extension importer that offers 100% human remy hair coated with a hybrid coating which seals the cuticle of the hair shut so that the hair extensions have the ability to last up to 2 years with proper care.

We suggest that you tighten your extensions every 1 to 2 months to ensure they are hidden in your natural hair and unseen to the human eye.

Depending on hair texture, density, or length we can order hair that matches your natural hair to a tee. We have over 150 colours and 20 wave patterns to choose from. As well, every installation from CHIC Hair and Esthetics includes a custom cut and colour on the hair extensions to blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

The shortest hair you can put extensions in is a chin length bob, though we must layer your natural hair first to ensure that there are no steps in the cut.

We offer the following application methods:

·      Tape in

o   Hidden tape (premium) : Where the extension hair completely covers the hairpiece

o   Regular tape: Hair has medical grade adhesive at the top of a 1 inch wide strip

o   These extensions are removed with rubbing alcohol.

·      Non Sewn Beaded Weft

o   Uses a silicone lined bead which securely sandwiches a weft of hair (similar to clip ins) around three strategically positioned pieces of your natural hair.

o   Check out our website for more picture and details of this application method.

·      Nanolink

o   Great for fine hair though the extension hair does not last as long due to the metal linkage often wearing out.

o   The bond is a small metal bead which is equivalent to the tip of a pencil.


o  U tip/nail tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a U and is applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is found at the end of the extension, to attach it to your natural hair.

o  Natural look: The u tip hair extension is attached at the roots of your hair leaving some space. The space left gives your hair a natural look and it allows natural movement of the hair..

Hair Extensions - B&A.png
Hair Extensions - B&A2.png

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